Titans: A tale of our muses rebelling against authority
Cronus: A tale of one of our muses going power crazy and the other stopping them
Zeus’s Birth: A tale out our characters keeping a powerful secret
Hades’s Helmet: A dark tale of our muses after the fall of night
Poseidon: Our characters out at sea in a storm
Atlas: One of our muses tries to cheer the other up, who feels as though the weight of the world lies on their shoulders
Typhon: Our characters’ quick thinking gets them out of a bad situation
Mt. Olympus: Our characters sneeking into a regal party
Hera: Our muses happily wed
Hades: Our characters’ close encounter with the “other side”
Athena: Our characters doing arts and crafts together
Aphrodite: A tale of love between our muses
Hermes: Our characters traveling together
Ares: Our muse’s together during time of war
Dionysus: Our characters drunk 
Prometheus: Our characters stealing something
Pandora: Curiosity gets the better of one of our characters
Europa: One of our muses kidnaps the other
Persephone: Our muses are separated and miss one another
Pygmalion: A tale of a wish being granted
Echo: One of our characters won’t stop talking, despite the frustrations of the other
Narcissus: One of our characters knocks the other out of their selfish ways
Phaethon: One of our characters gives the other advise, which the other then ignores and must suffer the consequences
The Sphinx: One character tries to trick the other
Heracles: One character seeks redemption from the other
Hydra: A tale of a problem that just keeps getting worse
Theseus’s Father: one of our muses inadvertently causes the other great grief
Odysseus: A tale of a long journey home
Orion: A tale of a hunt
Cassiopeia: One of our characters is punished by the other for being a braggart 
Castor and Pollux: a tale of our characters as siblings

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